Yixing Purple Clay Teapot by Zhou Gui-zhen (1943- )

周桂珍(1943- )製宜興紫沙茶壺---"開元通寶壺"

Zhou Gui-zhen(1943- ). Born in1943 in Yixing, Jiangsu province, Zhou Gui-zhen is presently a -zhen deputy craft masterClay Factory in 1958 and learned potting techniques under Wang Yin-chun and . She entered the Yixing Purple Gu Jingzhouceramic typeforms provided by the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts. She joined . She has attended the course on the Research Studio of the Factory in had produced numerous works with the cooperation of her husband Gao Haigeng, 1980. She who was unfortunately died in works are mainly geometric wares of graceful form and fine workmanship. her works 1986. Zhou's are represented in the collection of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong and the Purple Radiance Hall in the Zhonnanhai in Beijing.

Zhou's joint efforts with her husband have won numerous awards, including Third class Honour in the National Competition of Ceramic Wares (1982), and Second Class Honour in the Competition of the Jiangsu Province.

The design of this Yixing Purple Clay teapot is in the form of making up by three Chinese cash coins, i.e. "Kai Yuan Tong Bao", "Da Tang Tong Bao" and "Qian Long Tong Bao". The design is unique.

周桂珍, 1943年生江山於宜興, 現為副工藝師. 1958 年進宜興紫沙工藝廠, 先後隨王寅春, 顧景舟學習製壺, 在製壺技巧上奠定了良好的基礎. 其後曾參加中央工藝美術學院業餘造型訓練班. 1980年進紫沙廠研究室, 專門從事造型創作. 其夫高海庚是近代重要紫沙壺藝家之一. 二人曾合作設計了不少著名的作品, 並屢獲多項榮譽, 其中包括全國陶瓷評比三等獎(1982), 江蘇省評比二等獎等.惜高氏於1986年去世.

周桂珍製壼以光貨為主, 風格溫雅而穩厚, 線條流暢, 造工細緻, 順達自然.作品為北京中南海紫光閱及香港茶具文物館所藏.

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