Bamboo and Rock Painting Scroll by Contemporary Chinese Master Artist and a well-known connoissear

Huang Junshi (Wong Kwan S.) (A.D. 1934)

Scroll measures approx. 32 3/8" X 15 1/8"

香港名書畫家及國際知名書畫鑒賞家黃君實(1934一) 竹石圖


Huang Junshi (WONG K.S.)(born in 1934)

A native of Cuangdong, Huang was graduated from the Chinese Department, New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Then he served as an assistant leeturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for four years. Later he went to Japan and got his master degree at the Kyoto University. Afterwards he went to the U.S.A. and got the master and doctor degrees in the history of art at the Kansas University. He then served as a research fellow at the Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas. His scholarly studies of Chinese paintings and calligraphy won him international recognition. He has written a number of academic treatises and has been invited to participate in several overseas exhibitions. In 1981 , he joined the Christie's Auctioneer Ltd. to take charge of the Chinese Painting Division. In 1997 He left Christie and joined Sotheby as a Senior Consultant. Huang is a well-known connoissear, who also excels in Chinese painting and calligraphy.


號山濤,廣東省臺山縣人。幼居廣州, 後到香港求學, 於中文大學崇基學院主攻中國文學,1961畢業後, 任副講師四年, 後赴日本京都大學研究中國六朝及唐宋詩學三年,獲中國文學碩士學位。1969年遷居東京,任靜嘉堂文庫研究員。文庫所藏中國宋、元版籍蜚聲海外,珍藏的歷代名家書畫亦豐,黃先生飽覽之餘,還求觀日本公私館藏之書畫名蹟,並協助名收藏家編纂《萱暉堂書畫錄》。漫長的中國文學研習之途,難得的遍覽古代書畫名蹟的經歷,將黃先生熏陶成為鑒定中國古代書畫的權威。居扶桑五年之後,黃先生越洋抵美,進入美國堪薩斯大學修讀碩士及美術史博土學位,專攻讀東方美術史。磨劍三年,受聘為納爾遜博物館東方部研究助理, 進行研究工作。歷時五年,除做好館定工作之外,先後完成多篇學術著作,頗具影響的便有:《顧洛阜藏中國宋元名畫目錄》、《文徵明及其交遊》、《項元汴與蘇州畫家》。1981年受聘於紐約佳士得拍賣行, 歷任中國書畫部主任、國際部主任,主持中國書畫業務,使中國書畫脫離東方器物部門,獨立成為中國書畫部。。黃先生主持該公司中國書畫部長達15年,對中國書畫在國際上地位的提升起了重要作用。黃先生于1997年離開佳士得公司,現為香港蘇富比拍賣行的資深高級顧問。




Seller's Note:

" I acquired it from a lady who was disposing of her brothers estate. He was a Japanese art dealer. When I opened up the scroll a price tag of $225.00 fell out of it. This was seven (7) years ago. It has not seen the light of day since.The entire scroll is in excellent condition. I am sure this is a great buy for the right person."       

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