Bamboo Painting By Famous Japanese Artist Hattori Tanpu (1867-1964)

日本竹畫 服部(待考)

Hattori Tanpu(16/11/1867-27/5/1964)

Poet of Chinese poems.

Real Name:   Hattori Tetsu Shiun

Birthplace:     Yatomi-cho, Ama-gun, Aichi

Master:          Mori Shunto (1819-89) and Kainan, Shunto's son (1863-1911)

Famous work: "Tanpu's Poems"

He excelled also in calligraphy and painting, and received Japan Art Academy Award in 1953.

[Thanks to Mami Nishimura of Gallery Nishimura who provided the information on the painter]

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