Lotus Painting by Qing Dynasty Master Artist Zhao Zhiqian (1829-1884)

清代大藝術家趙之謙 (1829一1884) 蓮花圖

Zhao Zhiqian [Chao Chih-chien; zi Huishu; hao Beian]

(b Kuaiji, Zhejiang Province, 8 Aug 1829; d Nancheng, Jiangxi Province, 18 Nov 1884).

Chinese calligrapher, seal-carver, painter and scholar. After his example, it became common for artists to attempt to be competent in painting, calligraphy and seal-carving rather than to specialize in a single discipline. Zhao was one of the greatest artists of the late Qing period (16441911), although much of his work displays a disquiet and unbalanced awkwardness that conflicted with Chinese aesthetic values of the time.

Zhao Zhiqian (1829-1884)

original zi Yifu, later changed his zi Huishu, 'tao Lengjun, Bei'an, Ranliao, Tiesan, Mei'an, etc., was a native of Huiji, Zhejiang. Re attained his juten degree in 1859 and had served as magistrate in various districts such as Poyang, Fengxin, Nancheng of the Jian~i province.

Zhao was an eminent seal carver, painter and calligrapher in the late Qing period. He painted flowers, vegetables and fruits with bold and expressive application of ink and colours. This innovative and distinctive style of flower painting, having incorporated the styles of the previous masters Xu Wei, Shitao and Li Shan, set the fashion for the later development of flower painting in the xkyi (spontaneous) style. He started to practise calligraphy in the manner of Yan Zhenqing and later devoted himself to writing seal and clerical scripts in the style of Deng Shiru. His calligraphy in running script was blended with the calligraphic brushstrokes of the Wei stelae. He successfully established a distinctive style of his own.

趙之謙 (1829一1884)


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