Painting of eMule Riding by Contemporary Chinese Artist Ren Yi (1840-1896)

According to the inscription, this painting was done in April 1879, i.e. the 5th Year of Emperor Guang Xu

清代大畫家任頤(1846一1896) 騎騾圖

Ren Yi (1840-1896),

zi Bonian, hao xiaolou, was a native of Shanyin, Zhejiang. While be was a youth, he had received direct tutelage from his father Hesheng, zi Songyun, who was noted for painting portraits. In his early years, Ron had worked in a fan shop, but later he was appreciated by Ron Xiong and became his student. Moreover he had also studied painting under Ren Xun. Re earned his living by selling paintings in Shanghai.

Ren excelled in painting figures, flowers, birds and landscapes, and was particularly esteemed for painting portraits in the styles of Chen Hongshou and Hua Yan. Re emphasized sketching from life and employed various techniques of outlining, dotting and ink splashing to create a fresh and innovative outlook, characterized by lively images in bright and charming colour scheme. His artistic archievement had a significant impact on the development of Chinese painting in the late Qing and early twentieth century.

任 頤 (1846一1896)



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