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News on the death of Chinese Contemporary Master Painter Li Xiong-cai ~ (December 19, 2001)

This news clip was about the death of Li Xiong-cai on Dec. 19, 2001 at the age of 92.


Biographical Notes

A native of Gaoyao, Guangdong, he studied painting unde Gaq Jianfu at the Spring Slumber Art Studio in his young age. He had also studied sketch and later went to Japan and studied Japanese painting at the Tokyo Arts College. In the 1940s, he toured to Guangxi, Sichuan and the Northwest regions, where he got much inspirations from the scenery there. Li had taught at the National Arts College. In 1978, he was appointed deputy director and head of the Chinese Painting Department of the Guangzhou Arts College and he is now the advisor of the college. He is also elected a director of the Chinese Artists Society and deputy director of the Chinese Artists Association, Guangdong Branch.

In his early years, he studied painting under Gao Jianfu and painted in a delicate and charming manner. Later he introduced Western painting techniques of perspective and shading into his painting. He is fond of sketching and his painting style is noted for forceful brush strokes and heroic resonance. He often paints with dried ink tone and his brush work is characterized by a lyrical resonance. Li excels particularly in painting landscape and pines in a realistic manner.



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