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News on Hong Kong 1980 10 Cents (Dated July 15, 2000) (updated November, 2000)

This news clip was taken from Apple Daily. It said that a charity organizattion in Japan received a donation of bag of 2,900 coins in 1992. The coins are Hong Kong 1980 10c in BU condition. This organization is going to auction these coins in November this year. This coins was reported to have a mintage of 24 million. However, due to the adoption of a new reduced size design of the 10 cent coin, this coin was never publicly released. It only came to the market in the late 1980s. At one time, collectors believed that there were only some 300 pieces in the market. Some specimens of it were auctioned in public auction at prices as high as US$800. Recently a big seller appeared in online auctions and the price dropped to some US$46 per piece. This lot of 2,900 1980HK10C was sold to a Hong Kong collector in November in a public auction at a price of HK$160,000.


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